How We Transform Dental Practices

Wondering how we work with practices? Below we walk through our complete process so you can learn our approach and see exactly how we create results for our clients.


Step #1: Map Out a Clear Vision

Where do you see your practice in 5-10 years?

Ideal Practice Model

Do you wish to build a general practice or specialty practice? Which services do you want to provide to your community of patients? These kinds of decisions will help determine where you invest resources, how you grow, how you find new patients, and how you sustain your practice for the long term.

Ideal Team Structure & Schedule

What does your organizational structure look like? Do you share important tasks with team leaders or does everything fall on your shoulders? In order to create a thriving, self-managing team, it's crucial for each team member to understand their role and for responsibilities to be balanced among leaders.

Ideal Practice Size

Do you envision a small, optimized, single-doctor practice or a larger practice? Are you looking to expand into multiple locations?

(Note: Growing in size doesn't have to mean increased stress. With the right systems in place, growth can be smooth and straighforward.)

Long-Term Legacy & Succession Plan

What happens when you wish to retire? Is there a succession plan in place? When you look 10-20 years into the future, what does the practice look like? The sooner you create a clear plan, the better you can hone your legacy and the long-term impact of your practice in your community.

How a clear 5-year vision impacts a practice:

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Step #2: Optimize Production

Wendy Briggs

How We Increase Production

Did you know that 75% of restorative production comes from hygiene?

When the team does the right thing for the patient during every appointment, production rises naturally. By raising the standard of hygiene care and building a world-class patient experience at every appointment, patients more readily move forward with necessary care and production across the practice rises rapidly and sustainably.

Click here to learn our approach to improving the hygiene department.

How production optimization impacts a practice:

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Are New Patients Needed to Raise Production?

To optimize a practice, we always begin with a full analysis of practice performance data so we have a full picture of capacity, demand, and average production.

Most of our clients come to initially believing they need more new patients to grow and improve their practice. What we find overwhelmingly is that those practices have more patients than they can serve, but aren’t utilizing their capacity.

Need more new patients?
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Step #3: Create & Improve Systems

Dr. John Meis

When every team member understands their role, responsibilities, and how to measure success, overall stress goes down and morale improves.

Every practice should have clear written systems in the following areas, available to all team members:

  • Effective Meetings
  • Morning Huddles
  • Internal Marketing
  • External Marketing
  • Patient Attraction
  • New Patient Exams
  • New Patient Experience
  • Confident Care Presentation
  • Perio Case Acceptance
  • Patient-Friendly Financials
  • Scheduling
  • Recall, Recovery, Reactivation
  • Patient Retention
  • Referrals & Reviews
  • Insurance Billing
  • Same-Day Dentistry
  • Room Setup
  • Patient-Friendly Communication
  • Cancellations
  • Monthly Financials
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Front Desk Check-In
  • Seamless Patient Handoffs
  • Systems Sterilization
  • Payroll
  • Onboarding & Training
  • Development Interviews
  • Performance Reviews
  • Compensation
  • Bonus Systems
  • Clinical Notes
  • Charting & Documentation
  • Consistent Patient Verbiage
  • Children's Programs
  • Home Products
  • Hiring & Firing

*Clinical Protocols: As a team, it's also important to have documented, agreed-upon clinical protocols to ensure consistency in care across patients and providers. We build this in our Case Acceptance Workshop.

How strong systems impact a practice:

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*No practice can succeed on the shoulders of one person alone:

Too many practice owners feel that the success of their practice depends on their actions and performance alone. The truth is that strong systems and processes practice-wide are the greatest contributor to results. One top performer simply can’t pull the weight of a team.

Dr. John and Wendy chose to name this company The Team Training Institute for this very reason. When the whole team is trained well, results increase exponentially. Systems will make or break your practice, so we work hard to ensure you have the very best systems in place and everyone on the team is trained and ready each day.

Step #4: Tiger-Proof the Practice

What is Tiger-Proofing?

From 1990 to 2003, Siegfried and Roy was the #1 show in Las Vegas with sold out crowds every night. Tragically, in 2003, Roy was attacked by the tiger during the show. He miraculously survived, but the show was closed and the 267 cast and crew members were suddenly out of work.

The Blue Man Group was also a very popular show in Las Vegas at the time, consisting of men painted blue from head to toe. By contrast, if the unspeakable happened to a member of the Blue Man Group, the rest of the cast and crew would be protected and the show could go on. By not relying on a single superstar and by training additional blue men, the show’s future is protected.

The same is true for dental practices. If success depends on the presence of one person, the whole organization is put at risk. When key tasks are spread out, the practice becomes more resilient.

Wendy Briggs

How tiger-proofing impacts a practice:

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Step #5: Create a Positive Legacy

Dr. John Meis

What does long-term success look like in your dental practice?

How dentists are creating positive, lasting legacies through dentistry:

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