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Dr. Marcel Lambrechts

How Seven Pines Dental Group Increased Patient Care 5400% and Revenue By $1.6 Million

Since joining TTI, Dr. Lambrechts has experienced significant growth and improved patient care.

He’s protected thousands of more teeth, increased retention, experienced higher profits, and increased revenue 55%.. continue reading

“Our growth numbers are ridiculous. When we joined TTI, we went up 13% ($300,000), which was really remarkable. This past year, we went up 22% ($800,000) which was crazy. Now we’re a machine, every month is a record month.”

- Dr. Marcel Lambrechts, Jr. (Sandston, VA)
Dr. Rob Herron
Dr. Herron

“If you go back to when I first started 14 years ago, Wendy talked about growing three times what we were doing. I thought that was pie in the sky and would never happen. Since we first started, we have grown about three and a half times with TTI.”

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Dr. Kristen Balutowicz
Dr. Balutowicz
North Troy, MI

"My hygienists really have embraced their role a lot. They are also doing treatment advocacy and helping the doctors close treatment. Preventative is extremely big. We are now offering what was missing to our patients.”

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Dr. Ian Fontenot
Dr. Fontenot
Carencro, LA

“I didn’t know what to do. I was working over 40 hours a week. When everyone would leave on Fridays, I’d keep one assistant with me just to keep up. When I threw my back out, my wife, said, ‘You have to do something, you can’t keep practicing like this.'"

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Dr. Troy Verges
Dr. verges

"I’m very proud of my hygiene department. I feel that my hygienists and hygiene assistant are some of the best-educated and most highly trained dental professionals in our area."

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Dr. Sandhya Anantuni

How Dr. Anantuni Grew Her Dental Practice 100% In One Year

“Where I’ve seen the biggest change is hygiene, hands down. Big, big change. My hygiene department is killing it. They perform like there is no tomorrow. Every patient talks about what an amazing experience they had coming to the practice."

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Dr. Ed Hood

How Dr. Hood Expanded Into Multiple Locations and Built a Positive Legacy

“We wouldn’t have survived the flood financially if we hadn’t gotten our profitability straight. At the 6% profit we were doing before, I don’t think I would have had the money set aside to try to pay staff to keep them. It was a huge learning experience, but also a godsend because we wouldn’t have survived the same way.”

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Dr. Lisa Mullis Williams
Dr. Williams

“I was thrilled when I was able to purchase my own practice after working as a dentist for 14 years, but you’re buying an entity with its own personality. And when a new doctor comes in and wants to change that, it’s like throwing a big wrench into the cog. You name it, and I have probably been through it.”

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Dr. Wilfred Miyasaki
Dr. miyasaki

“I just saw the consulting fee, and it was a big number. I was super nervous about what we were going to accomplish because I haven’t had any experience with that sort of thing before. I was nervous about my ability to get ROI from what seemed like a really huge number. In retrospect, that was a drop in the bucket compared to the benefit that we got for our practice.”

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Dr. Corey Hamm
Dr. hamm

“Before working with The Team Training Institute, I didn’t know if it was possible to get all the doctors on the same page, and then get the entire team on the same page as well. And then it happened. It’s given us a clear vision, a clear mission statement, and clear core values to follow. They’ve really bought in, and really want the practice to do well.”

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Dr. John Lhota
Dr. lhota

“In dental school, they teach you how to fix teeth, but they don't really teach you how to run a dental practice.” Since joining TTI 12 years ago, Dr. Lhota has added a second location and increased from $1.5 million to $8.5 million.

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"You go into dentistry thinking if you just do the right thing by everybody, it'll happen organically. But it doesn't. You must have a plan, and you must put the plan into action."

- Dr. Tana Henderson, Ripon, CA

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Dr. Geoff Jackson

How Dr. Jackson Doubled His Practice And Continues to Hit Record Months

Jackson Dental hit over $500,000 in one month and Dr. Jackson was able to reduce his hours from 4 to 3 clinical days. “I thought it was crazy how quickly the hygiene could be implemented. It was overnight. We met on a Friday and then on Monday we were doing it, and the entire team was on board.”

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Dr. Stephen Palmer

How Dr. Palmer Doubled Production In One Month

Within one month, Dr. Palmer doubled his production, from $57,000/month to over $114,000/month. “I took a leap of faith that we were going to double our hygiene production and that’s exactly what we did. It was amazing–like no sweat off my brow at all.”

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