Training Packages & Workshops

Get complete team and executive training with our annual coaching packages. Our programs are a unique combination of in-office team training days, coaching calls, group discussion, quarterly retreats, online training, and 24/7 support.

The fastest way to reach your practice goals is to get customized, year-round coaching and guidance.

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Blue Diamond Package

comprehensive hygiene training, business training, Executive Coaching, and 24/7 support

The Blue Diamond annual training package includes on-site training days, individual and group coaching, problem solving, retreats, and community support.

Blue Diamond is the best way to see results quickly in your practice as it provides the highest levels of support to all members of the team.

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Hygiene Champions Package

Complete Hygiene TRAINING

The Hygiene Champions annual training package includes on-site training days and a dedicated hygiene coach to help the practice quickly optimize the hygiene department and raise the standard of care.

With hands-on coaching and proven systems, the hygiene team has the support needed to develop their skills and elevate the patient experience.

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CEO Mastermind

Practice management & Strategic decision-making Designed for practice owners

(annual executive program)

The CEO Mastermind annual training package is designed specifically for practices looking to expand. This training package equips practice owners with the skills needed to transform their practice into a larger enterprise and step into the role of a CEO.

This program is a small, invitation-only executive coaching group that delivers unmatched results for practices.

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Add-On Workshops & Executive Training

Accelerate your practice results with these in-depth, specialized training events for executives and teams.


Executive GPS

2-day guided planning session for practice owners and key leaders

In this 2-day Guided Planning Session, practice owners and key leaders join Dr. John Meis to create a clear vision for the future of the practice over the next 5-10 years. This transformative session aligns the practice leadership toward a common goal and creates a clear path toward growth and improvement.

During this day, Dr. Meis works with the practice leadership team to map out an organizational chart, define roles, resolve challenges, and conduct an opportunity review to build a Strategic Plan for the company.

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Case Acceptance Workshop

2-day comprehensive case acceptance training for owner-doctors, associates, and support team

Case Acceptance Breakthrough is an exclusive 2-day training event for the whole team. This immersive workshop is designed to increase case acceptance in a dental practice with a complete team approach. When patients decline or delay treatment, their dental conditions worsen and practice performance suffers. A strong case acceptance process is crucial for completing necessary treatment and allowing the practice to thrive in the long term.

During this workshop, Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs work with doctors, hygienists, and financial coordinators to build these customized systems for the practice. Each role in the practice learns the necessary systems to help patients move forward more readily with the care they need.

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High-Impact Dentist Bootcamp

2-day in-depth training for owner-doctors and associates

Designed for both owner-doctors and associates, this 2-day bootcamp allows dentists to rapidly increase efficiency and effectiveness while increasing the productivity and profitability of the practice.

Through this immersive 2-day training, doctors will transform their performance with proven systems for patient communication, clinical efficiency, leadership, case acceptance, scheduling, delivery of care, and more. Dentists will leave with a better understanding of how to be impactful in their daily interactions with both patients and team members to build a great atmosphere in the office and the long-term success of the organization.

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High-Impact Team Workshop

2-day in-depth training for hygienists, assistants, and office managers

The 2-day High-Impact Team workshop is a unique hybrid training event for hygienists, assistants, and office managers. Team members will learn how to become highly effective in their respective roles by mastering key lessons in practice economics, leadership, efficiency, conflict management, meeting facilitation, and more.

Team members will attend group training sessions with all team members plus role-specific breakout training allowing them to excel in their role within the practice.

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