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Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs

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With a passion for dentistry and a fierce commitment to patients, Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs built The Team Training Institute to be a source of education, hands-on training, and inspiration to the dental community.

Through decades of working with practices around the world, they have transformed dentistry for the better. 5,000+ dentists have benefitted from their insights and they continue to drive exceptional results for their clients year after year.

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Dr. Meis's Story

John Meis, DDS, FAGD, DICOI is a fourth-generation dentist. Like most dentists, the first few years of practicing were filled with stress. He worked hard and improved his clinical skills, but struggled to translate that into business success.

Fed up with the results (and tired of missing dinners with his family), he reached out to the most successful dentists he knew and began learning from them. He also began learning from successful business leaders in other industries.

As his business acumen grew, he rose to be a top 1%producer in the United States, producing over $225,000/month in personal production. His practice tripled in just four short years, becoming a thriving 21-op, $6 million practice. He then multiplied that one practice into an astonishing twelve.

Today, Dr. Meis is a trusted mentor to over 4,439 dental practitioners. He has been actively involved with 319 dental practices in five countries, and served as a partner in more than 180 dental practices, serving them with cutting-edge leadership training and practice growth strategies.

He’s an international speaker, mentor, coach, and author.He is an innovator in the areas of practice management and marketing as well as the development of leaders and their teams. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of The TeamTraining Institute, the CEO of SmartChoice DSO, and theCEO of Spark Dental Network.

Wendy Briggs's Story

Wendy Briggs, RDH is a practicing hygienist, strategic advisor, speaker, trainer, consultant, coach, product developer, and author. She is the President and Founder of HygieneDiamonds as well as the President and Co-Founder of The Team Training Institute.

A key turning point in her career occurred when she was practicing chair side and a consultant came into the office and suggested shortening her appointments to 30 minutes. She was being asked to cut corners, which she was unwilling to do.

With a husband in school and babies at home, she made the difficult decision to leave the practice and began studying outlier practices - practices that were performing far above average and delivering exceptional care to patients. She quickly became a force of nature in dental hygiene. Practices traveled from around the country to learn from her.

Today, Wendy’s excellence as a hygienist and patient care advocate has directly influenced more than 3,718 dental practice in 12 countries.

She has a proven track record of supporting dentists, hygienists, and their teams in increasing patient care and doubling hygiene production, many of which are among the biggest and fastest-growing practices in the United States and Australia.

Coaching with Dr. John & Wendy

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