Wendy Briggs, RDH

Dr. John Meis

About Wendy Briggs

Wendy didn’t realize that when she took a part-time high school job in a dental office that dentistry would become such a big part of her life. But, a few years later with two small babies at home and a husband still in school, Wendy graduated from hygiene school and began her career.

It wasn't long before she became frustrated with the culture of hygiene. She knew there had to be a better way to view hygiene and a better way to serve patients. So, she spent the next 10 years developing and perfecting a system that did just that.

She released her Hygiene Explosion systems and started sharing her processes with dentists across the country. With the rapid results she was getting for her clients, she quickly became one of the most sought-after speakers, coaches, and trainers in dentistry.

Wendy Briggs

Today, there are 3 key principles that guide Wendy's training:

#1: Hygienists play several crucial roles in the overall health of patients, and they are most valuable to a practice when they embrace every role.

#2: Efficiency in a practice is achieved by serving patients at a higher level, not by reducing the time allowed for each appointment.

#3: A strong, productive hygiene department fuels the success of the rest of the practice; optimize hygiene and the practice can thrive.

Wendy partnered with Dr. John Meis and they started The Team Training Institute to bring their invaluable blend of clinical and business training to dentists around the globe.

Through her work, Wendy has influenced care in 3,718 practices in 12 countries, many of which are among the biggest and fastest-growing practices in the United States and Australia.

When she's not working with clients, Wendy enjoys being a grandmother. Her daughter Kati continues in her footsteps as a hygienist and has taken over oral care for the family.

Official Bio

Wendy Briggs, RDH is a practicing hygienist, strategic advisor, speaker, trainer, consultant, coach, product developer, and author.

She is the President and Founder of Hygiene Diamonds as well as the President and Co-Founder of The Team Training Institute.

Wendy’s excellence as a hygienist and patient care advocate has directly influenced more than 3,718 dental practices in 12 countries. She has a proven track record of supporting dentists, hygienists, and their teams in increasing patient care and doubling hygiene production, many of which are among the biggest and fastest-growing practices in the United States and Australia.

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