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We see every day that dentistry changes lives.

Even one problematic tooth can greatly disrupt someone's life. Pain and infection can be debilitating and severe oral health problems can be catastrophic to the health of a patient.

In the same way, fixing teeth is transformative. When a patient feels better, their lives improve in incalculable ways. When pain subsides, the way people eat, sleep, and talk changes.

When someone is confident in their smile, they might start taking more photographs with their loved ones, go on a first date, go back to school, or apply for a promotion at work.

The ripple effects of dentistry are incredible which is why we're on a mission to improve teeth around the globe by giving dental professionals the tools they need to grow and thrive.

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Did you know?

$75 billion is spent on dental insurance every year and only 60% goes toward actual dental care?

In fact, from 1990 to 2015, the dental industry grew 70%, yet dentists' earnings remained flat.

- Dental Economics, April 2019

On top of this, many dentists believe that a 15% drop in reimbursement will mean a 15% drop in profit.

(It's actually over 30%)

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The Double Your Production Podcast is one of the longest-running podcasts in dentistry. Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs share candid advice, the latest dental research, and insights into dental practice growth and management.

Featuring expert interviews, doctor guests, and in-depth education, the podcast is designed to help you reach your biggest practice goals.

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Did you know?

1/3 of practice production should be coming from hygiene care.

(And on average, 75% of restorative production comes from the hygiene department)

If hygiene care isn't optimized, patients suffer and practice performance declines. The hygiene department can (and should) be a robust, profitable part of the practice.

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To fix hygiene, many practices will shorten appointment times to improve production and efficiency, but this causes even more problems.

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Do you really need more new patients?

Most dental practice owners believe they need more new patients in their practice to be more successful. 

What we find (overwhelmingly) is that most practices actually have more patients than they can serve effectively. The problem isn't in the number of patients in the practice, it's most often about how effectively the office is serving them.

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