Case Acceptance Breakthrough Workshop

Case Acceptance Breakthrough is an exclusive 2-day training event for the whole team. This immersive workshop is designed to increase case acceptance in a dental practice with a complete team approach.

When patients decline or delay treatment, their dental conditions worsen and practice performance suffers. A strong case acceptance process is crucial for completing necessary treatment and allowing the practice to thrive in the long term.

How Dr. Meis Increased the Case Acceptance Rate in His Practice

When Dr. Meis was first practicing, his office had a high case acceptance rate. He believed this was due to great processes and great treatment presentation across the whole team.

Then, one of his star employees (a treatment coordinator) left the practice. The case acceptance rate dropped overnight.

Patients weren't moving forward with care which put their oral health at risk (along with the financial future of the business). To prevent further damage, he was forced to quickly figure out why.

After studying his own office performance and the performance of other leading practices, he learned there were 3 key areas that were affecting the case acceptance rate: diagnostic consistency, patient communication, and the financial process.

Dr. John Meis

Diagnostic Consistency

Most doctors have slightly different diagnostic criteria. While this is a problem across dentistry, it's particularly damaging when it happens within a practice.

This diagnosis variation leads to frustration and confusion among patients, low trust, and low case acceptance rates.

Patient Communication

Inconsistencies in patient communication can also drastically impact the case acceptance rate.

When team members aren't on the same page about treatment, or when they simply use different verbiage to describe that treatment, patients become overwhelmed and decline or delay the care they need.

Financial Options

Financial processes can also easily overwhelm and frustrate patients.

When payment options aren't clear enough, patients hesitate to move forward with their treatment, lowering the case acceptance rate.

Learn a Systemized, Team-Driven Approach

During our 2-day Case Acceptance Workshop, teams will learn how to transform problem areas in the practice and raise case acceptance quickly. Teams start by clarifying and documenting their treatment philosophy to ensure everybody is on the same page with patients.

Preferred patient verbiage will also be clearly defined and documented, allowing every patient to receive a consistent level of care and communication. Teams will role-play key patient conversations in order to make sure each interaction is clear and effective.

And lastly, teams will learn complete systems for preparing and presenting treatment plans and financial options to patients, allowing them to more easily understand their treatment and more readily move forward with their care.

What's Included:

In this exclusive 2-day learning event, Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs work with a small group of doctors, hygienists, and financial coordinators to build a custom set of treatment diagnosis, planning, and presentation systems.

This workshop is perfect for practices with associates whose case acceptance is not as strong as possible. When teams attend, case acceptance often increases at least 10% which has a huge affect on practice production and profitability.

Treatment Planning Made Predictable (Script Book)

This customized script book drives case acceptance by “cloning” the best possible words and phrases for case presentation and hand-offs. There's also no need to worry about stilted or unnatural wording, because teams easily assemble their own scripts using everyday language.

The resulting templates are easy to master and 100% personalized for the practice.

The Annual Training Power Pack

Teams receive this pack of 52 patient images for use in weekly meetings. Reviewing these images each week sharpens treatment assertiveness and diagnostic consistency ensuring that the team is delivering clear treatment options and an excellent patient experience.

*Bringing on new team members? This image pack is perfect for getting new staff and associates up to speed quickly.

Patient Handoff Training

During the workshop, teams will create predictable, smooth, and stress-free handoffs for the following scenarios: Hygienist to Doctor, Doctor to Financial Coordinator, and Financial Coordinator to Front Desk.

Teams will also go through role-playing exercises to cement learning and practice these handoffs for fast implementation upon returning home.

Trust-Transfer Training

Practices will learn how to make seamless Trust-Transfers between team members.

When done well, these Trust-Transfers are predictable, smooth, and stress-free, ensuring patient information accurately and securely flows from one team member to the next.

Interested in Attending Case Acceptance 2024?

November 15-16, 2024
Atlanta, GA

If you and your team are interested in joining us for the 2023 Case Acceptance Breakthrough Workshop, you can register online below or schedule a quick call with our office to talk through the workshop, answer any questions, and register your team.

Which Team Members Should Attend?

The Case Acceptance Breakthrough Workshop is a training designed for the whole team. We recommend that the owner-doctors attend along with associate doctors, financial coordinators, and team leads in the practice (hygienists, assistants, and treatment coordinators).

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