Team Training & Executive Coaching

We offer a variety of training for dental practices of all sizes and stages including executive and team coaching, on-site training, and group workshops.


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We believe that what's right for the patient is right for the practice. See our 5-step process for improving and growing dental offices while putting patient care first.

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Training Days & Packages

We offer a variety of training for dental practices. From in-office team training to executive retreats to specialty workshops, we'll help you reach your unique goals quickly.

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In-Office Team Training

Recommended for all practices

Our coaches work with dental teams around the country in their offices to improve performance.

These on-site training days allow teams to learn, ask questions, and practice new ways of operating.

In-office training is designed to deliver an immediate boost in performance and an increase in production for years to come.

Executive Coaching

for practice Growth & expansion

Through small group meetings, private retreats, and 1-on-1 coaching calls, dental practice owners and leaders get guidance and strategy from trusted experts in dentistry.

Executive coaching allows dentists to ask in-depth questions and get personal guidance in handling even the most difficult areas of running a dental practice.

Specialty Workshops

for accelerated results

Our specialty workshops are designed to improve results in either a key area of the practice (case acceptance) or in a specific role in the office (dentists, hygienists, assistants, and office managers).

Practice owners who wish to develop top-performing, team-oriented staff members should consider specialty workshops to enhance skills and build effectiveness throughout the practice.

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Our training is designed to help the practice elevate the standard of care, increase production, and improve profitability.

We Help Practice in the Following Areas:

Hygiene Effectiveness
Clinical Effectiveness
Case Acceptance
Clinical Efficiency
Patient Attraction
Marketing Systems
Patient Experience
Patient Retention
Efficient Systems
Production & Profits
Scheduling Processes
Phone Conversion
Collecting the Money
Compensation Models
Team Retention
Hiring & Recruitment
Team Engagement
Reviews & Referrals
Data & Analytics
Financial Performance
Recall & Reactivation
Company Culture

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