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December 1-2

Phoenix, AZ

CEO Mastermind Retreat

Members-only Event

Practice owners in our CEO Mastermind group gather quarterly for our CEO retreats. These 2-day events include high-level coaching, strategy, and networking.

*Please note: membership to our CEO Mastermind group is by invitation only.

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January 12-13

Atlanta, GA

Office Manager Bootcamp

Office Manager Bootcamp is a 2-day workshop designed to equip practice managers with the operational and leadership skills to optimize and improve the practice.

During this training, office managers learn how to read critical practice performance data, manage teams, and adjust the processes within the practice when needed. This workshop is a unique blend of systems, practice management, and leadership training.

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January 26-27

San Antonio, TX

Practice Growth Retreat

Members-only Event

Our Blue Diamond, CEO, and Spark coaching members gather quarterly for our practice growth retreats. These 2-day events are a combination of training, coaching, brainstorming, and networking.

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February 2

Virtual Training Day

Perio Explosion

During this 4-hour virtual training day, hygienists in the practice learn to maximize their role as a periodontal therapist. Most practices don’t embrace the potential of periodontal therapy, but it's crucial for patient care and for the success of the practice.

Hygienists who wish to provide the very best care should be up to date on the latest perio research and skilled at communicating the importance of perio therapy to patients.

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February 9-10

Phoenix, AZ

Executive GPS

Join us for this 2-day immersive coaching session with Dr. John Meis. This guided planning session is designed specifically for owners and key leaders to set the practice up for long-term success. During these 2 days, you'll hone your 5-year strategic vision for the future, set up key systems, and resolve any roadblocks.

Please note: registration is limited for this in-depth, small-group session.

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February 9-10

Phoenix, AZ

High-Impact Dentist Bootcamp

Join us for this 2-day workshop to get all the systems and tools to be a top-performing doctor. Designed for both doctor-owners and associates, this 2-day bootcamp allows dentists to build systems that rapidly increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Please note: tickets are limited for this in-depth training event.

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April 25-27

New Orleans, LA

The Champions of Dentistry Summit

Each year, dental practices from around the country gather at the Champions of Dentistry Summit to share their biggest wins, prepare for the upcoming year, and learn about the newest trends affecting dental professionals.

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At The Team Training Institute, we host private retreats and training events throughout the year for clients who are members of our Blue Diamond and CEO coaching groups.

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