Executive GPS

Map Out the Future of the Practice

In this 2-day Guided Planning Session, practice owners and key leaders join Dr. John Meis to create a clear vision for the future of the practice over the next 5-10 years.

This transformative session aligns the practice leadership toward a common goal and creates a clear path toward growth and improvement.

Dr. Meis works with the practice leaders to map out an organizational chart, define roles, resolve challenges, and conduct an opportunity review to build a strategic plan for the company.

Dr. John Meis

Leave with a Clear Vision and a Plan to Get There

Executive GPS includes in-depth planning with Dr. John Meis and the leadership of the practice to help dentists reach their long-term financial and professional goals. During these 2 days, practices go through the following exercises:

  • Creation or refinement of your cultural foundation: Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Development of an end-game strategy (so you know how to structure the practice over the next 5-10-20+ years)
  • Strategies for communicating your vision to the entire practice
  • A change management process to help lead your practice through continuous improvement
  • Development of an organization chart and clarity on how all roles and responsibilities will evolve with the practice growth
  • An in-depth data review to illuminate areas of untapped opportunity
  • Comprehensive problem-solving to get your practice unstuck from challenges
  • Completion of a strategic plan including a 5-year target, 3-year plan, 1-year goals, and 90-day action items

Interested in Executive GPS?

The 2-day sessions take place in Phoenix, AZ and are guided by Dr. John Meis. Select dates are available for 2023.

To join us for Executive GPS, please schedule a call with us below and we'll answer any questions you have and book your preferred date.

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