High-Impact Team Workshop

Become a Top Performer in Just 2 Days

The 2-day High-Impact Team workshop is an immersive hybrid training event for hygienists, assistants, and office managers.

Team members will learn how to become highly effective in their respective roles by mastering key lessons in practice economics, leadership, efficiency, conflict management, meeting facilitation, and more.

Dr. John Meis

When everyone on the team is performing at their best, patients get a great experience and the overall practice performance rises quickly.

Role-Specific Breakout Training

Team members will attend group training sessions with all team members plus role-specific breakout training allowing them to excel in their role within the practice.

High-Impact Hygienist

  • Advanced strategies for developing the 3 crucial roles of a hygienist
  • Key hygiene metrics and specific strategies for improvement
  • How to evaluate the performance of other hygienists
  • How to implement an effective assisted hygiene model

High-Impact Assistant

  • How to create consistency and effectiveness across assistants in a practice
  • How to effectively manage supplies and inventory
  • How to improve consistency in room setups and supplies
  • Efficient scheduling for doctor and assistant time
  • The Magic Whiteboard strategy
  • How to use the “Floor Manager” role

High-Impact Office Manager

  • How to schedule for productivity
  • Understanding the revenue cycle
  • Effectively scheduling doctor and assistant time
  • How to build a world-class “Warm Welcome” and “Fond Farewell"
  • How to manage a dental practice marketing system

How to Attend

The next High-Impact Team Workshop will be held:

September 13-14, 2024
Salt Lake City, UT

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