The CEO Mastermind

The CEO Mastermind annual training package is designed specifically for practices looking to expand.

This training package equips practice owners with the skills needed to grow their practice with additional providers and/or additional locations. This program is a small, invitation-only executive coaching group that delivers unmatched results for practices.

Dr. John Meis
additional providers & Locations

Transitioning Into a Group Practice

With personal guidance and mentorship from Dr. John Meis, practice owners learn how to make strategic buying decisions, craft expansion plans, and develop key practice leaders to take over the day-to-day operations.

Dr. Meis works with CEO members in a laser-focused environment to help them make crucial long-term decisions for their organizations.

Dr. John Meis

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The CEO Mastermind is an invitation-only group of practice owners.

If you're interested in joining the group, please schedule a call with us and we'll walk you through all the details of the CEO Mastermind.

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