Blue Diamond Coaching Package

The Blue Diamond annual coaching package is a unique combination of team training, executive coaching, immersive retreats, group discussion, problem solving, high-level networking, and 24/7 support.

This is The Team Training Institute's signature coaching package and delivers accelerated results. If you're looking to build success quickly in your practice, we invite you to join us in the Blue Diamond program.

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Blue Diamond is the only program of its kind, combining a complete team-driven approach, proven business principles, and a commitment to patient care.

Get Accelerated Results in Your Practice

The accelerated results we get for clients through our in-office training days are unmatched across the dental industry for 2 specific reasons:

First, all of our systems are team-driven and our success rests on getting the whole team on board to elevate the patient experience and optimize each appointment. 

Too many consultants try to force new ideas onto practice without fully understanding the practice and the priorities of the team. We know that to make lasting progress, we need to build a plan that everybody supports.

Dr. John Meis

The second reason we achieve such unmatched results is that every strategy we teach has been fully tested and proven in a variety of markets.

We analyze practice performance data from offices across the country and we see in real time what's working and what isn't. The leaders of The Team Training Institute also own and operate dental practices of their own and are constantly testing systems and ideas to make sure that we're training teams in the very best processes.

We don't teach anything we haven't used first hand.

Wendy Briggs

Learn from the Best Minds in Dentistry

While most dentists and practice leaders try to improve their practices through trial and error, we have seen that the wisdom of the group is a much faster route to success.

Through in-office training, practice growth retreats, and group coaching, there are opportunities each week to connect with top performing dentists, dental leaders, and our world-renowned coaches.

There's no reason to try to figure everything out alone. Tap into our extensive and talented community to get fast answers to your questions, expert guidance, and seasoned recommendations.

What's Included:


The annual Blue Diamond coaching package delivers accelerated results to practices because it includes everything the practice needs to succeed quickly. Below is a list of everything included in the program:

Two In-Office Training Days

(Content is determined based on the unique needs of the practice.)

The Blue Diamond package includes 2 in-office training days with the team. In most practices, we start with an in-office hygiene day. The Certified Hygiene Coach comes to the practice for a full day of hygiene training which creates an immediate jump in hygiene production and elevates hygiene care in the practice. A few months after the first in-office day is complete, we'll schedule an additional in-office training day with either the hygiene coach or business coach, depending on the needs of the practice.

*Access to select virtual training days is also included in the Blue Diamond package.

Quarterly Practice Growth Retreats

Practice owners, leaders, and key team members gather quarterly for our workshop-style practice growth retreats. These retreats include timely education on immediate practice growth strategies as well as problem solving, hands-on learning, and world-class networking. Top-performing practices from around the country gather to learn and share what's working right now.

Coaching with a Certified Hygiene Coach

Blue Diamond clients receive ongoing coaching and guidance from their Certified Hygiene Coach including regular one-on-one discussions to keep the practice moving forward as well as weekly group coaching calls to learn from all of The Team Training Institute coaches and other Blue Diamond clients.

Coaching with a Dedicated Business Coach

Blue Diamond clients also receive guidance and support from their dedicated Business Coach. Regular one-on-one coaching is provided as well as weekly group coaching calls to alleviate business issues and any barriers to growth and success.

24/7 Access to Online Courses for the Whole Team

The Team Training Institute online training portal is available to every team member with the Blue Diamond package and includes video courses on a wide variety of dental practice topics. From case acceptance to hygiene care to phone call conversions, team members in every role can learn on demand and improve their skills.

24/7 Support in Our Private Online Community

The Blue Diamond community is active and generous, so we've created a 24/7 private online community where doctors and team can share what's working, ask questions, get feedback, and share recommendations. The Team Training Institute coaches and staff are active in the group and available to answer questions and provide guidance.

The Team Training Institute client
Paige Hood

What are Practice Growth Retreats Like?

A unique part of the Blue Diamond program is our quarterly Practice Growth Retreats. During these retreats, all of our Blue Diamond clients gather from around the country for immersive learning, high-level networking, and rapid problem-solving.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at one of our retreats:

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