Hygiene Explosion

Get an immediate boost in production and strengthen your patient care with a Hygiene Explosion training day.


Our Approach

If the hygiene department improves, all production increases. Improvements made to hygiene care ripple across the entire practice.

Hygiene Explosion is The Team Training Institute’s signature hygiene training program. This power-packed day is facilitated by a Certified Hygiene Coach and creates an immediate boost in results for the hygiene department.

What We Teach

How do we get such immediate results for practices? We focus on the right concepts first and make sure the team has all the tools and systems they need to be successful on Day One.

What's Included:

  • Clear instructions for providing world-class hygiene services to all patients
  • Non-negotiable standards for patient care and an immediate productivity boost
  • Chairside toolkits for every operatory
  • Powerful, patient-friendly verbiage to simplify case presentation and overcome insurance frustrations
  • A customized, production-based compensation plan
  • A clear breakdown of the 3 essential roles of a hygienist

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