What is Tiger-Proofing?


Las Vegas, 2003

From 1990 to 2003, Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn performed for sold-out crowds at the Mirage in Las Vegas. Crowds gathered every night eager to watch them perform with white tigers and white lions on stage.

“Siegfried and Roy” was a fast success, quickly becoming the #1 show in Las Vegas.

That success lasted for years until tragically, in 2003, Roy was attacked by the tiger during the show.

He miraculously survived, but the show was closed and the 267 cast and crew members were suddenly out of work.

Protecting the Show

The Blue Man Group was also a very popular performing group in Las Vegas at the time. Their show consisted of men painted blue from head to toe.

By contrast, if the unspeakable happened to a member of the Blue Man Group, the rest of the cast and crew would be protected and the show could go on. By not relying on a single superstar and by training additional blue men, the show’s future is protected.

Applying This to Dentistry

When practice operations depend on one person or when the performance relies on one superstar producer, the business is at risk of disruption. We work with practices to develop their teams so if there’s an absence, the practice can still operate.

Dr. John Meis

Relying on Only One Person Puts the Practice at Risk

Many practice owners carry the success of the practice on their shoulders alone. This not only causes burnout and stress, it creates long-term risk for the practice.

What happens when the doctor gets injured or sick? What if they want to take a vacation? Performance might dip or, worse yet, the practice might need to close for a few days to accommodate.

It’s important to have systems in place and trained people in every role in order to keep operating even in the absence of a key team member.

Develop Leaders Early

One of the best ways to ensure long-term results in the practice is to help every member of the team develop and improve their skills. As these skills develop, team members will rise into leadership positions within the practice, allowing for even more freedom and flexibility for everyone.

When each member of the team is performing at a high level and leadership positions are filled, the practice is truly protected from disruptions and is much more “tiger-proof”.

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