Jim Philhower

Key Opinion Leader & Speaker

Jim Philhower is a business coach, thought leader, and speaker at The Team Training Institute. He has been presenting to audiences for over 20 years. He brings meaningful, impactful presentations spoken from the heart and sprinkled with humor.

Jim has over 35 years of experience in sales and leadership. He incorporates the hard-earned lessons he’s learned along the way into his presentations.

Jim also integrates the legacy of his late son, Cole, in everything he does. This remarkable young man, wise beyond his years, impacted the lives of his family, friends, coaches, teachers, and even other parents. Jim shares these principles Cole taught him with his audiences. In doing so, Jim succeeds in spreading the light of Cole’s life a little further, making it a little brighter with each life he touches.

Jim has also been featured on The Team Training Institute's podcast. Click below to watch the episode:

Ep 107: Lessons from 1000+ Dental Offices with Jim Philhower

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