Bert Triche

Hygiene Coach

Bert Triche is a highly experienced Hygiene Coach with 12 years of expertise.

With a background of 31 years in the same dental practice, initially as a hygienist and later as OM/Treatment Coordinator, Bert brings a wealth of knowledge to her role.

When not working, Bert enjoys sunbathing and spending time with her family. What Bert loves most about her job is witnessing the growth and learning of dental practices and helping them deliver higher levels of service, ultimately positively impacting patient care.

Bert Triche has also been featured on The Team Training Institute podcast. Click below to learn more about how she improves dental practices:

Ep 112: Insights About the Current Hygiene Shortage with Bert Triche, RDH

Ep 76: Turning $600 to $6000 in Hygiene with Bert Triche, RDH

Ep 24: Tips for High-Impact Hygiene with Bert Triche, RDH

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