Ep 90: 4 Secrets To Better Scheduling

The Double Your Production Podcast

Ep 90: 4 Secrets To Better Scheduling

Is your practice behind schedule almost every day? Are you rushing from one patient to the next? Does it take weeks before you can fit a new patient in? If you answered yes just once, you’re not alone.

And while there’s no such thing as a perfect schedule, you can make progress. You can see more patients, with fewer headaches, without risking a loss of patient flow, production, and profitability. How? That's the subject of today's episode of the Double Your Production Podcast.

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Do you really need more new patients?

Most dental practice owners believe they need more new patients in their practice to be more successful. 

What we find (overwhelmingly) is that most practices actually have more patients than they can serve effectively. The problem isn't in the number of patients in the practice, it's most often about how effectively the office is serving them.

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