Ep 129: Inside Our Practice Growth Model

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Ep 129: Inside Our Practice Growth Model

How exactly does The Team Training Institute help dental practices grow and thrive?

Plenty of consultants and experts claim to help businesses grow, but it’s difficult to know their approach and their strategies until after you’ve invested significant time and money into the process.

Today, Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs are sharing a behind-the-scenes look at their practice growth model so you have clarity on exactly how The Team Training Institute works with dental offices. They are sharing the details of their approach and which systems they focus on when they work with dental teams.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn what this practice growth model looks like, the 3 key components, and how these pieces work together to transform offices.

Over the next couple of weeks, they’ll be diving into each area of this model and sharing more information about how to grow your practice.

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