Ep 128: Upgrading Dental Office Technology with Dr. Eric Tobler

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Ep 128: Upgrading Dental Office Technology with Dr. Eric Tobler

Dr. Eric Tobler began his career as a dentist in his family’s office, working alongside his dad and his brother. As his career progressed, he learned more about practice management and developed an interest in dentistry’s innovation and technology. Today, Dr. Tobler is the Clinical Director for Mortenson Dental Partners and helps integrate new technology into their practices. He has keen insight into what’s useful in dental practices and how to introduce new equipment to teams and get results quickly.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

Dr. Tobler will be taking the stage at our upcoming practice growth conference, The Champions of Dentistry Summit, happening April 25-27 in New Orleans. He’ll be talking in depth about which emerging technologies are worth investing in and how to seamlessly implement new equipment into your practice.

In-person and virtual tickets to the conference are still available at http://www.championsofdentistry.com

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