Ep 119: How to Get Your Team Excited About Your Biggest Goals

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Ep 119: How to Get Your Team Excited About Your Biggest Goals

When you talk with the team about your practice goals and share key performance indicators (KPIs), are they excited and motivated to reach those numbers or do their eyes glaze over?

Today, we’re sharing a segment from one of our recent practice growth retreats. In this session, Heather Driscoll is talking about what you can do to create more excitement and energy around your biggest goals.

Very few dental professionals wake up in the morning excited to increase production by a certain percentage or improve accounts receivable. But, they do wake up excited to connect with patients and improve their health. So, it’s the job of the leadership to connect those dots.

In this session, Heather is breaking down exactly how to design a system like this. You’ll learn how to share key metrics without boring the staff and create real momentum around the activities that not only make the biggest difference for the practice but also for patients.

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