Ep 118: “Moneyball” Strategies to Create Outsized Results in Your Practice

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Ep 118: “Moneyball” Strategies to Create Outsized Results in Your Practice

Wendy Briggs comes from a big family of baseball fans, so when the book “Moneyball” was released, she was eager to read it. Since then, she’s worked to apply these lessons to dentistry to allow practices to build teams of superstar performers.

Today, she and Dr. John Meis are sitting down to talk through specific strategies practice owners can use to create a high-performing team and unmatched results in their practices. This unconventional Moneyball approach gives practice owners an edge in the marketplace, allowing them to attract top talent and develop those people into efficient, high-performing team members.

Listen to today’s episode to learn how they do it.

In today’s episode, Dr. John and Wendy mention strategies from their book, “The Insider’s Guide to Hiring a World-Class Team”. Click here to get your FREE copy (we just ask that you cover shipping) plus a suite of bonus training!

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