Ep 116: How to Include the Team in Measuring Key Practice Data

The Double Your Production Podcast

Ep 116: How to Include the Team in Measuring Key Practice Data

Understanding and monitoring practice data is crucial for a dental office to succeed. If you don’t watch key numbers, you can’t see what’s really happening in the practice and you can’t make improvements.

Many practice owners resist involving the team in analytics and financials because they’re worried about difficult money conversations and the risks involved with transparency. But interestingly, we found that when the whole team has a general understanding of practice economics, there is less overall frustration and a wholehearted focus on improving results.

When everybody on the team knows how to monitor key numbers for their role and how to improve those numbers, the practice can reach its goals much more quickly.

In this episode of The Double Your Production Podcast, Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs are sitting down to talk through how to involve the team with data and key metrics. You’ll learn the mindset shifts necessary to get everybody on board with better data in your practice.

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