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Ep 109: Using AI Tools to Increase Patient Flow with Amol Nirgudkar

The Double Your Production Podcast

Ep 109: Using AI Tools to Increase Patient Flow with Amol Nirgudkar

Did you know… on average, 40% of the incoming calls to a dental practice go unanswered?

The loss involved with phone inefficiencies is much larger than most practice owners think. When patient calls don’t get answered, appointments don’t get scheduled, and the practice loses a tremendous amount of opportunity.

Amol Nirgudkar is the CEO of Patient Prism, a company that provides dental practices with the technology needed to optimize phone calls and improve patient flow. While AI is currently a trending topic, Patient Prism has been using artificial intelligence and machine learning for years to revolutionize how the front desk performs in practices across the country.

In this episode of The Double Your Production Podcast, Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs sit down with Amol to talk about the advantages AI tools can provide practices to increase patient flow and improve performance.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

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