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Ep 108: Tools to Alleviate Stress and Isolation in Dentistry with Carrie Marshall

The Double Your Production Podcast

Ep 108: Tools to Alleviate Stress and Isolation in Dentistry with Carrie Marshall

Carrie Marshall grew up in a family dental practice. As an adult, she worked as a dental assistant and helped her dad grow the practice from 2 chairs to 10 chairs. As the practice continued to grow and her brothers joined, she noticed the stress level in her parents rising. She watched her dad stay up late at night trying to build a practice that could sustain them all comfortably.

Carrie started to see that this stress and isolation was common across dentistry, so she decided to shift her career and study tools to help dental professionals better understand and improve their mental health. She became a Master Certified Coach and now helps dentists and teams manage their mental energy, deal with emotions in a healthy way, and avoid burnout.

In this episode of The Double Your Production Podcast, Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs are sitting down with Carrie to get some immediate tools to alleviate the stress and isolation that is so prevalent among dental professionals.

We’re also thrilled to announce that Carrie Marshall will be joining us at this year’s Champions of Dentistry Summit in Orlando! In her session, she’ll be sharing strategies to help you achieve your personal and professional goals while truly protecting your mental energy and wellbeing. These tools are great for dentists and the entire team and we can’t wait to learn from her.

Listen to today’s episode for strategies you and your team can use right away to improve your life at work and at home.

We hope you’ll join us at our upcoming dental conference, the Champions of Dentistry Summit hosted this year in Orlando, FL. Learn more and register to join us at

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