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Ep 101: Quiet Quitting: What It Is and How It’s Affecting Dental Practices

The Double Your Production Podcast

Ep 101: Quiet Quitting: What It Is and How It’s Affecting Dental Practices

What exactly is “quiet quitting”?

The term has been trending in the news and on social media lately, so Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs are diving into the topic and how it affects dental practices in this episode of the Double Your Production Podcast.

Quiet quitting occurs when team members who are frustrated in their roles drastically reduce the amount of effort they put in. Simply put, quiet quitting is a way of quitting without actually quitting.

Shockingly, a recent Gallup poll found that roughly 50% of Americans are engaging in quiet quitting. While discontent, unmotivated team members have always been around, the Covid-19 disruptions to the workplace have caused a surge in workplace dissatisfaction leading to this wave of quiet quitting.

If left unaddressed, dissatisfaction at work can be contagious and these behaviors and attitudes can quickly ripple across an organization.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to prevent this from happening in your dental office, how to right the ship if you sense it’s already happening, and how to keep your team engaged, motivated, and performing at their very best.

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