Hygiene Champions

The Hygiene Champions annual training package includes in-office training days and a dedicated hygiene coach to help the practice quickly optimize the hygiene department and raise the standard of care.

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Hands-On Hygiene Training

2 in-office coaching days with the team

With hands-on coaching and proven systems, the hygiene team has the support needed to develop their skills and elevate the patient experience. Each month, the hygiene department will improve in efficiency, patient communication, treatment advocacy, case acceptance, scheduling, and more.

This annual package begins with an in-office training day to make immediate improvements within the hygiene department.

This initial momentum creates the profits and productivity that fuels the rest of the practice and provides bigger opportunities to make a difference for patients.

What's Included


The annual Hygiene Champions coaching package includes everything the practice needs to transform the hygiene department into a productive, efficient part of the practice. Below is a list of everything included in the program:

Two In-Office Training Days

(Content is determined based on the unique needs of the practice.)

The Hygiene Champions package includes 2 in-office training days with the team. In most practices, we start with an in-office hygiene day. The Certified Hygiene Coach comes to the practice for a full day of hygiene training which creates an immediate jump in hygiene production and elevates hygiene care in the practice. A few months after the first in-office day is complete, we'll schedule an additional in-office training day with either the hygiene coach or business coach, depending on the needs of the practice.

*Access to select virtual training days is also included in the Hygiene Champions package.

Dedicated Coaching with a Certified Hygiene Coach

Hygiene Champions clients receive ongoing coaching and guidance from their Certified Hygiene Coach including regular one-on-one discussions to keep the practice moving forward as well as weekly group coaching calls to learn from all of The Team Training Institute coaches and other clients.

24/7 Access to Online Courses for the Whole Team

The Team Training Institute online training portal is available to every team member with the Hygiene Champions package and includes video courses on a wide variety of dental practice topics. From case acceptance to hygiene care to phone call conversions, team members in every role can learn on demand and improve their skills.

Attendance at the annual Champions of Dentistry Summit

Hygiene Champions includes attendance for 2 team members at our annual Summit, our biggest event of the year packed with education, inspiration, networking, and celebration.

The Team Training Institute client

Hygiene care is the engine of the practice and drives 70% of restorative care. When hygiene improves, all practice performance improves as well.

How to Join Us in Hygiene Champions

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