Jessica Heino

Sales Consultant

Jessica Heino is a passionate and versatile professional with a diverse background in both dental hygiene and sales. With a strong commitment to oral health and exceptional interpersonal skills, she has made a significant impact in these areas throughout her career.

Having started her professional journey as a dental hygienist in 2015, Jessica honed her skills and expertise in providing top-notch dental care and guidance to patients.

Driven by a desire to expand her horizons and explore new opportunities, Jessica transitioned into the dental sales industry. Leveraging her exceptional communication skills, she quickly thrived in sales roles, consistently exceeding targets, and building strong relationships with clients. Her ability to identify client needs, provide tailored solutions, and offer exceptional customer service played a crucial role in her success.

Outside of work, Jessica's passion for reading, she finds solace within the walls of her personal at-home library, where she can dive into different worlds and escape from the demands of everyday life. When the sun shines bright in the summer, camping trips and outdoor adventures are top on her list of favorite activities during this time. Being a sports enthusiast, fall holds a special place in Jessica's heart. From football games to other autumn sports, she relishes in the excitement, cheering on her favorite teams and celebrating victories alongside friends and family brings immense joy to her life.

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