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Throughout the year, dentists and teams from around the country join us for training events and workshops to learn the best strategies for dental practice growth and management.

There's an incredible energy and buzz during our events and we invite you to be a part of them through our sponsorship opportunities.

*Note: We offer limited a la carte options as well as annual packages that allow you to be a part of our regular client retreats. When you take advantage of our annual packages,  you can build key relationships year-round.

Dr. John Meis
Summit 2022
annual event

The Champions of Dentistry Summit

The Summit is our biggest event of the year, and it's our most-anticipated client retreat. It's a chance for our entire community of dental practices to connect, celebrate the accomplishments of the year, work through challenges, and plan for the year ahead.

Summit gives your company a variety of ways to connect with dentists. From session breaks to meals to our evening Gala, you'll have many opportunities to build relationships with practices from around the country.

There's an incredible energy in the room during this event and we hope you'll join us!

quarterly events

Practice Growth Retreats

Practice Growth Retreats are held quarterly 3 times a year in winter, summer, and fall. These offer an intimate environment to spend quality time with our clients and better understand their challenges and how your products and services can support them.

Each retreat is focused on a particular growth opportunity for our clients. Working together we can help you identify which retreats will offer the best fit for your company.

Retreats provide an in-depth learning opportunity for our clients and they come ready to do what's needed to keep their practice moving forward.

Summit 2022

Additional Opportunities

The following sponsorship options may be added to an annual sponsorship package or purchased a la carte.

NOTE: For custom sponsorships and other opportunities to bring your products and services to our community, please contact us to discuss how we can best help you reach your goals.

Gala Reception Sponsor: Attendees receive drink tickets from your vendor booth or a table provided with your signage, verbal recognition from the podium.

Summit Snack Station Sponsor: Branded signage at breakfast station, recognition from stage, half page in workbook

Summit Photo Booth Sponsor: All photos branded with company logo for attendees, half page in workbook

Ready to Join Us?

Contact Anna Kimball at annakimball@thetti.com to join us at the Summit.

Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out, we'd be happy to talk through all sponsorship options with you and your team.