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Who Should Be In Charge of Which Tasks in a Dental Practice?

In this video, Dr. John Meis breaks down how to assign tasks and responsibilities within a dental practice.

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How to Have a Healthy Mindset Around Money

Feelings and beliefs around money can be complicated. Sometimes these beliefs need to be revisited in order to build success.

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How to Make Faster, Better Decisions in Your Practice

Are you decisive and able to act quickly when making decisions for the practice? If not, try this decision-making matrix.

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Does Your Practice Have a Capacity Blockage That You Can’t See?

Is your practice full? The majority of practices are at capacity and aren't adequately serving the patients they have.

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Simple Shifts to Better Lead Your Dental Team

Great leadership can quickly rally teams to perform at a higher level and allow the practice to reach its goals more smoothly.

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How to Get More New Patients in Your Dental Practice

Getting new patients into a dental practice can be expensive without the right systems in place.

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3 Questions To Ask Patients To Grow Your Practice 15% Immediately

3 simple questions you can ask during any appointment that have the ability to transform your practice growth.

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The Next Dollar Phenomenon (Profitability in a Dental Practice)

In this video, Dr. John Meis explains a new way to think about profitability with "The Next Dollar Phenomenon".

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