The 3 Roles of Hygiene

Download this free guide to learn the step-by-step system for maximizing the hygiene department in your practice.


A Step-by-Step System to Maximize Hygiene Production

The world of dental hygiene is changing rapidly. Hygiene care used to be defined simply as cleaning teeth so they could be restored. But now, hygienists have an opportunity to bring so much more to the table.

There are 3 essential roles that a hygienist must fill in order for the practice to reach its full potential: Preventative Therapist, Periodontal Therapist, and Patient Treatment Advocate.

Download this free guide to learn how the hygiene team can embrace all 3 roles and raise the standard of hygiene care in the practice.

*Keep in mind: increasing production for its own sake is never the primary goal. Production is the natural result of doing the right thing for the patient. When hygienists deliver world-class service, production rises to everyone’s benefit.

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